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Paul Haggis On Writing About Race And Class In America
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When director and screenwriter Paul Haggis was in the red chair, George asked him about some of his early TV projects, including an African American take on Roseanne called You Take The Kids starring a young Dante Terrell Smith — better known today as the rapper Mos Def.

"He was a funny guy, he was a good actor, he was a good kid," Haggis said. "When I heard he was Mos Def, I went, 'What?!'

Haggis went on to talk about the experience of writing about the intersection of race and class for his Academy Award-winning film Crash.

"I did a hell of a lot of research. I did a lot of interviews. I read a lot about the American experience for various people. And I came to understand it in a very profound way before I wrote about it. And if you can understand the given circumstances of a person's life, I think you can write that person. America is more about class than race today."

Haggis's latest film is Third Person, which premiered last year at the Toronto International Film Festival. His interview with George airs Wednesday, April 30.

You Take The Kids: 20th Century Fox