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How A Call From Carmen Electra Inspired Mike Holmes
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Handyman Mike Holmes has had a lot of success on TV — but that doesn't mean he's resting on his laurels. When he was in the red chair, he spoke to George Stroumboulopoulos about what his next show might be.

"Buy It Right," he told George. "I want to teach people how to buy houses. I'm actually sick and tired of seeing this still happen. You know, anything before 1980, the possibility of asbestos in the plaster, asbestos in the home. It's not protocol to check.

"I know these things. So I'd like to do a show called Buy It Right and teach people how to buy a house properly, and actually start a whole new system that works for everyone out there."

Holmes also had another idea he wanted to share with George. This one had to do with a certain former Baywatch star.

"Carmen Electra called the office, and it was funny, because... she wants me to fix her house. So one of my vice-presidents calls me and says, 'I just thought I'd let you know, she called, and we're going to humbly decline. We can't do it.'

"I said, 'Wait a second, wait a second! It's not about [the fact that] she's gorgeous — but that's nice. It's about... it clicked. Celebrity homes. I thought, 'Wow, there's a new opportunity. Another show that's never been done. Why don't I go around the planet, and help celebrities [with their homes]?"

Mike Holmes's new book, The Homes Manual, offers no-nonsense advice and solutions to everyday home problems. It's out now.

George's interview with Mike Holmes airs Monday, July 14 on CBC.