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Lance Corporal Cassidy Little: Wounded Soldier Turns To Acting
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Lance Corporal Cassidy Little is a Canadian from Newfoundland and is currently serving in the British Royal Marines. In 2011, during his second tour to Afghanistan, he suffered multiple injuries and lost his right leg when his friend stepped on an improvised explosive device.

During rehab he took up acting. George talked to Little about starring as the lead in the play, The Two Worlds Of Charlie F.

"Once they said, hey there's some acting stuff going around the corner I jumped at it," said Little.

"There is a huge number of similarities between performing arts and actually, you know, going to war. I know it sound ridiculous, but it's true. But you have to trust the guys you're with on stage and you have to trust the guys you go to war with.

"Afghanistan is called the theatre of war. I'm doing theatre on stage, like it's a company of people. It's about that, the similarities are there right in front of you and it's those things that you crave 'cause it's just been taking from you, it's just been ripped from you, so you may as well seek those needs elsewhere."

George's interview with Lance Corporal Cassidy Little airs Tuesday, July 15 at 11:30 pm on CBC TV.