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Justin Trudeau On The Challenge Of Keeping It Real In Politics
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Politicians always have to watch what they say. Often this means having to decide whether they're going to make statements for their for strategic value, or make statements they can believe in.

Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau has had to ask himself which course of action he'd take.

When Trudeau was in the red chair, George showed him an interview clip with former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. Ignatieff was very candid in explaining how different his interview with George would have been were he still active in politics.

Said Ignatieff, "If I was doing this and I was still the leader, every darned thing coming out of my mouth would be strategic... I would have to fit, for very good reasons, a filter between my brain and my mouth."

George then asked Trudeau, "Is that true?"

"Um, shit, what do I say?" replied Trudeau. "See, and that's part of the challenge, but it's also part of the opportunity. Because for me, I've always been 'Justin Trudeau, son of...' All my life I had to know that I was carrying a name and people were paying more attention to what I had to say, and I had to make a choice early on. Do I have a private secret life, or do I live fairly openly and consistently with the person I am? And I've always had that. So, as I'm now in politics, where everything I say is parsed and used as an attack ad, if that's the way someone wants to use politics, I have to decide what's more important. That I always say exactly the perfect right thing and then it's carefully scripted and controlled? Or do I try and trust that my values are the right ones and therefore are going to see me through?

"And that Canadians, ultimately, are worthy of trust in that they're going see through to what a person really is, and forgive a few mistakes, and understand that we need a real person representing us, not just in Ottawa, but across the world stage."

Justin Trudeau's interview with George airs on Tuesday, April 1 on CBC.