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Justin Trudeau Considers Whether Rob Ford Would Make A Good Liberal Candidate
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When Justin Trudeau was in the red chair he explained to George the type of candidates he hoped would run for the Liberal party in the next federal election.

Needless to say, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford would not be considered an ideal candidate.

GS: You did say at the convention that you were into open ridings and open nominations, that's going away. Now you're telling people "you can't run." So, what happened?
JT: What actually happened is that open nominations means it's local Liberals who choose who gets to be their representative. Not the leader, not the back room guys in Ottawa, but local Liberals get to make a choice. But what that doesn't mean is scomeone can behave any which way and bully other people out of the nomination race, and then be the last person standing. Canadians expect that the Liberal party will have learned from its lessons of in-fighting of the past. There's a reason we're down to 36 seats. We turned inwards. We focused more on ourselves and in-fighting and I made a very clear decision that we are not going to be that party that is more focused on its own survival than on service to Canada. And that means making tough decisions about when people are not behaving in a way consistent with the kind of open service that we want to behave, well they don't get to be Liberal candidates.

GS: But then you're telling people they don't get to be Liberal candidates?
JT: If Rob Ford decided he wanted to run for the Liberal party in 2015...

GS: No, threat of that happening by the way.
JT: That's why I use it as an example. We'd say no, sorry, the way you approach things, the way you’ve governed, the way you behave is not suitable to the kind of Liberal team we want to build. Now, there are a lot of incredible people out there who would make great Liberal MPs and that's what i'm focusing on. And allowing them to come forward and be the positive representatives for their communities. It's the most important thing.

Justin Trudeau's interview with George airs Tuesday, April 1 on CBC.