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Honourable John Baird: “I Don’t Think Values And Principles Are A Bad Thing”
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The Honourable John Baird began pursuing his interest in Canadian politics at the early age of 15. Since the age of 26 he's been elected six times and is currently serving in the role of of Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs, a position that many consider a final stepping stone to the Prime Minister's Office. When George talked to Baird, he showed the minister a clip from 1984 that took him back to his public service roots.

"I've never seen that before." said Baird of the archival footage about Brian Mulroney's election victory in 1984. "You can see that I played a very key and instrumental role."

George then brought up the topic of political idealogues with Baird.

"Well, when you are a political activist, obviously someone who you agree with has values and principles and someone who you perhaps disagree with as ideological," said Baird. "But when you get into government and you have to represent people who are elected, but particularly as a minister, when you have to deal with challenges, it forces you to be a little bit more practical than you might otherwise have thought.

"At the same time, I don't think values and principles are a bad thing. Some core view, core values that you hold, that help inform how you tackle public policy challenges." 

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