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Joan Jett’s Message For Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace: ‘Keep Rocking. Love You.’
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Rock legend Joan Jett was one of the biggest supporters of Against Me! lead singer Laura Jane Grace after she came out as transgender. In this clip from Grace's interview with George, she gives the younger rocker some love and advice.

"I wanted to say thank you for writing one of the best songs on our latest album, Unvarnished. The song's called 'Soulmates to Strangers.' We really admire you and your talents, so: keep rocking. Love you."

Although she received a lot of support after coming out, Grace mentioned that not all the reaction was so positive outside the music community.

"I've been told that I was going to burn in hell by bag boys in grocery stores and stuff like that, and I've been physically blocked from entering restrooms. I had a TSA security guard give me a pat down and look to his partner and say, 'This is why I hate my job.'

"There's moments like that when you're in the general population. But in the music community, no."

Against Me!'s latest album is Transgender Dysphoria Blues.

George's interview with Laura Jane Grace airs Thursday, July 17 on CBC TV.