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Jermain Defoe On Charity, The Prince’s Trust And Christmas Cards From Prince Charles
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When Toronto FC star striker Jermain Defoe was in the red chair, he talked about his various charity pursuits. 

George asked Defoe how he became a charitable person.

"Obviously you have to understand that being successful you can give something back," said Defoe. "I've always thought that was important. That's why I've always done a lot of charity work. Obviously through the club and... an amabassador for The Prince's Trust. 

"I launched my foundation, the Jermain Defoe Foundation last year. And I have bits and pieces. I had a project at (former club) Tottenham called 'E18HTEEN' where I was a mentor to a group of teenagers who were in foster care. So things like that you know, it's so important to give something back because I understand how hard it is for the youth growing up."

George then asked Defoe about the first time he met Prince Charles.

"The first time I met Prince Charles was probably a few years back I would say. I've been involved in the Prince's Trust. Being lucky enough to meet the prince was fantastic," he said." 

It turns out that sometimes when you give, you also end up getting something back.

"Prince Charles actually sent me a Christmas card," said Defoe. "Which was crazy. I was showing it to everyone that came into my house. I was like, 'Hey, look at this.' It was amazing.

"It's crazy, obviously growing up in East London and then you're in a position where Prince Charles sends you a Christmas card. It's a bit mad."   

Jermain Defoe's George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight interview airs Monday, April 7 at 7 pm ET on CBC.