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Jermain Defoe Explains Drake’s Recruiting Phone Call
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World-class soccer striker Jermain Defoe recently joined the Toronto FC in January. He got a friendly nudge from pop superstar Drake who called Defoe and sold him on how great a city Toronto is.

George asked Defoe about the recruiting call when the English national team player was in the red chair.

"It was funny actually, because I was in London with my cousins having something to eat. This number came up, +1-something, I thought, 'Who's this?' So anyway I picked up, 'Jermain, it's Drake.' I thought it was a wind-up, I thought it was probably one of the players at Tottenham trying to wind me up.  So I sort of like played it cool. I was, like, 'OK?'  

"I left it for a bit and he spoke more. I asked him a few questions and then I was like, 'Wow.' 'Cause obviously Drake's someone who I love his music, a fantastic artist, and a gifted guy. So it was amazing. It was a general chitchat really just about the city. He just said I'd love it here, the fans will love it if you came and it's fantastic. And that's it, really. But it was strange at the time.

George then asked, "Does that sort of thing help?"

"I think so because... Drake is someone who's accomplished so much in his career and obviously coming from Toronto and appreciating his city, his hometown. He just said, 'People are respectful. When you walk around the city they'll leave you alone. They might ask you for a picture or something but really in a respectful way.' So it was good." 

Jermain Defoe's interview with George airs Monday, April 7 at 7 pm on CBC.