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Jeff Barnaby Recalls The Incident At Restigouche
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When First Nations filmmaker Jeff Barnaby talked to George about his debut feature Rhymes For Young Ghouls he also spoke about a documentary that had a tremendous impact on him, the National Film Board's 1984 work Incident At Restigouche.

"That's one of my earliest memories of my reserve," said Barnaby. "I was four years old when that happened. It's seared into your brain. 

"Think about being being a young man and you know nothing about the outside world but the outside world comes knocking at your door and they come armed to the teeth and looking to bust your head. And that was my first definition of what non-Native Canadians thought about Indians. That stuck with me."

The film follows the Quebec Provincial Police (QPP) raids on the Restigouche Reserve on June 11 and 20, 1981.

"That documentary encapsulated the idea of films being a form of social protest for me," said Barnaby. "And that's something that didn't even dawn on me until I was much older. It started right there with that film. 

"I have family members in that film... and I still think it speaks to the community."

Jeff Barnaby's full interview with George airs Thursday, January 30 at 11:30 p.m.