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Enrico Colantoni On What Made Veronica Mars Special
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As Keith Mars, Enrico Colantoni played the father to spirited high school detective Veronica Mars for three seasons and a movie. Colantoni says it was a pleasure watching Kristen Bell, the actress who played Veronica, grow as a person. 

"To watch Kristen become the woman, movie star, star that she is, is probably one of the proudest moments of my career," Colantoni told George. "Watching her grow from this wide-eyed bushy-tailed girl, and quickly, within six months, finding her teeth and knowing what she needs to do. Because those first six months [of Veronica Mars] were like, 'What the hell is this?' Here's an actress who had to work every day, every scene and it was trial by fire. And to see where she is now and everything she is and represents is spectacular."

George asked how do you protect and mentor young talent like Bell. Well, without being creepy.

"You have to risk 'creep,'" Colantoni joked, before getting more serious. "What made her special is that she came and asked. And so that made it easier. People ask. The young ones do. 

Colantoni likes the role of the wise old man.

"I love it. That's all I have," he said. "It really is. It makes going to work so fantastic to be the old guy. I love 'the old guy' because it implies that I've been around awhile. 

"I want old."

Enrico Colantoni's interview with George airs Monday, April 7 at 7 pm on CBC.