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City and Colour Talks To George About Not Being Nominated For — Or Performing At — The Junos
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When City and Colour dropped by George's house to play a set for the Strombo Home Sessions, frontman Dallas Green talked to George about his decision to not play at the recent Juno Awards in Winnipeg. 

"The Junos thing didn't make any sense to me," said Green. "They asked me to play and I said sure. Then the nominations came out and I didn't have any. And I thought, 'Well here's a chance for me to stand up for myself, and tell them the way they're doing things is incorrect.'

"I've played the Junos. I've won a couple. It's great. But give my spot to someone who's nominated. Give them the five minutes."

He also talked about his writing process and the way he approaches each new album. 

"The idea of being satisfied doesn't come into play, because then you don't have anything else to search for," he said. "People say 'What's your favourite song?' And I say, 'the next one I'm about to write.' Because that should be the goal."

City and Colour is currently on tour, and you can find his whole schedule here. You can also catch him on The Strombo Home Sessions airing April 11 at 11:30 p.m. on CBC.