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Jennifer Jones Tells Brad Jacobs What Gives Her Goosebumps
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During Olympic gold medal-winning curler Jennifer Jones' recent interview with George, he showed her a clip where men's Olympic champ Brad Jacobs asked her to describe what moments gave her goosebumps this year.

Jones had a pair of highlights to share.

"I have to pick two goosebumps," Jones said. "Winning the gold medal and throwing that stone and feeling that — I see it right now — standing on that podium and seeing that flag being raised. I swear I get emotional just talking about it. There is nothing better in the world than that. And the way that Sochi had it laid out is that the torch was right behind where the flags were and you're standing there and we were shaking. I couldn't believe that our dreams were coming true and they're playing our national anthem for something that we've done. That, to me, is the best moment that I'll remember forever."

A special video message featuring her one-year-old daughter was her other highlight. 

"The other goosebump was when my girlfriend over there, I was missing my little girl so much, and my girlfriend took these pictures of her and sent them in a video to me. And she was holding this sign that said 'Go Mommy Go.' That got me and that will be one of the most memorable moments of the Olympics for me, for sure, because I felt like she was a part of it."

Jennifer Jones's interview with George airs Wednesday, April 2, 2014 on CBC.