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WEB EXCLUSIVE: John Edward Does A Psychic Reading Of The GST Studio Audience

In the middle of his interview with George, psychic medium John Edward felt a strong pull to a couple of people in our studio audience. And so, with the audience's permission, John got up and conducted a reading. Whether or not you're a believer, it's pretty incredible to watch John in his element, doing what he does with so much passion. Here is the footage from John's reading:

John Edward is in the red chair tonight along with pastor and educator Tony Campolo.

On his ground rules for a reading:
Just very, very quickly: any time I do this, I always tell people to have an open mind. I might be able to connect with somebody for you or not. If I do come to you, just say yes or no.

On what he picked up from the audience members:
Did somebody on this side of the room lose somebody in a fire? Or did somebody have a fire in their house?