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Umberto Eco on Silvio Berlusconi

Legendary Italian novelist and intellectual ("The Prague Cemetery") Umberto Eco confesses to George how happy he is about the demise of Italy's former Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

On Being Freed From the Embarrassment of Berlusconi
"You don't understand why I'm so happy. It was impossible to go around in a Congress, present a book, speak about philosophy... (because) the question was always - Berlusconi . Now we kicked him out. Finally, I was hoping that I wouldn't get any more questions about Berlusconi, but you... you broke the magic! "

On Whether Berlusconi Can Exert Power Behind the Scenes
"That is the problem - he is not eliminated... he is enormously rich, he has created a culture of "Yes Men" around him... he could still be dangerous. But at least Italy is now represented abroad by a respectable person. (Can you imagine) being abroad and having people console you?!?"