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The Little Lie That Launched Laurence Fishburne’s Career

In a world reduced to a few surviving Colonies, Laurence Fishburne is definitely the kind of guy you'd trust to lead you out of the cold.

Laurence recently sat down with George to talk about his new role in 'The Colony'. But he also took the time to tell us a few stories from a career that began before he was a teenager and has included an Oscar-nominated role in the Ike and Tina Turner biopic, 'What's Love Got to Do With It" and the part of Morpheus in the Matrix Trilogy.

To see more of Laurence, check out 'The Colony', in theatres April 26th. Also be sure to check him out in 'Hannibal' on City.

In this clip, Laurence recalls telling a small fib to get a part in one of the greatest movies of all time...

George: "And then there's that famous story and I always said to myself, if I ever got to meet you...did you actually lie to Coppola?

Laurence: I told them I was sixteen when I had my interview...

GS: And you were fourteen...

LF: I was fourteen. I think they knew. I don't think I was fooling anybody...What happened was, I was sitting there with them talking to Fred Rouse who was the producer and who remembered me from something I did when I was really young and a young woman who was working in the office as a secretary got up and walked through. Francis final spoke up and he just looked at her and said, "Excuse me! You think this kid could be eighteen?" And whoever this young woman was, she turned around and looked at me and said, 'Yeah, I guess so."

GS: Can you imagine how much different your life might have been if she had said, 'I don't know! I don't know!'

LF: Yeah! Absolutely.

GS: The grace of others!

LF: Totally! Totally!


THE BIO: Laurence Fishburne

PHOTO: Laurence Fishburne And George Outside Studio 43