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Carol Off The Co-Host Of CBC’s ‘As It Happens’ Talks People Power

One of Canada's finest journalists, and the co-host of CBC Radio's 'As It Happens', Carol Off is on the program tonight.

She and George talk about the importance of free expression and a free media, and whether or not that's being threatened in Canada.

They get into Carol's early days trying to make it as a foreign correspondent and how being a good journalist often means telling the story of other people's struggle, which can be difficult to reconcile.

Carol also talks about being an engaged citizen.

For many of us, the thinking goes like this: I want a better world, so I'll start buying organic veggies. Fair-trade coffee. Locally-made clothes.

While these choices are of course important, Carol Off points out that we're citizens before we're consumers.

And that if you're lucky enough to live in a democracy, being an active citizen is the best way to improve our communities.

In this clip, Carol makes the following point:

"Why do you think you can fix this with your purchasing power? You have far more power as a citizen than you do as a consumer."

"I can tell you what kind of chocolate to eat, or what kind of car to drive or whatever that's more earth-friendly, but the thing is we have to have laws that don't allow products to come into the country that are made with the labour of children who are under abuse."

You can listen to Carol and co-host Jeff Douglas on 'As It Happens' on CBC Radio One weekdays at 6:30pm.