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Taylor Kitsch On Oliver Stone

Taylor Kitsch admits he was nervous to work with legendary and controversial director, Oliver Stone, in the upcoming movie, 'Savages'. It didn't help that he received an onslaught of emails from other directors, advising him to think twice before accepting the part.

Taylor will be in the red chair tonight, along with Inuit leader Mary Simon.

George: Oliver Stone is notorious for hammering out actors. Were you scared?
Taylor Kitsch: Oh man. No one knows this, but I had other directors emailing me to tell me to get out...
George: Really?
Taylor Kitsch: Ya... directors I admire! I haven't worked with, but ... obviously I won't say his name, but especially this one - he wrote me an email just saying "I know your process, and I think you'll be okay, but if you want my professional opinion, and as a friend, get out." And I'm like - wow!

Taylor Kitsch: I will tell you though, man, if you don't prep and you don't do your homework, no set will be fun. But let alone, an Oliver Stone set.