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Surfing With Seth Godin - Life Online, From Viral Videos To Awesome Sites To Favourite Tweet

1. What's your favourite viral video?
Charlie the Unicorn and Candy Mountain. And it involves Charlie getting tricked, and there's a kidney and there's a bathtub, and the key punchline is "Shun the non-believers." "Charlie, shun the non-believers!" And this notion that that's what we ought to do, let haters hate and walk away, is a good watchword I think.

2. What's the best blog post you've ever read or sent?
Well I've written a bunch of blog posts - about 4400 so far - but there's one that I call "Pick Yourself" that really resonates with me, that the Internet is opening the door for a lot of people, and you don't need to wait for your publisher to call you, or your music label to call you, or the head of admissions to call you, you can pick yourself and go find your own path.

3. What website are you on everyday?
Boing Boing, for sure. DuckDuckGo and Google, which are sort of my springboards., which is the website I started. I'm there every day checking out what's new.

4. What's the worst thing you've ever seen on the internet?
Is there salt in the ocean? The Internet is just this massive effluent of people spewing whatever pops into their head. Every once in a while you will see a video on the Internet that takes months or even years to get out of your head, and far be it from me to remind you of one of those.

F. What's the one thing that the internet doesn't know about you?
I think there's one thing the Internet doesn't know about any of us, which is: who we really are. The Internet is maybe filled with facts - it knows I was born in Mt. Vernon, it knows I have a blog and a web company - but it doesn't know who I really am, and no one on the Internet actually can pretend they know who you are until they've seen what you do when you're in a corner, until they understand how you behave when no one else is looking, until they present you with an opportunity or a challenge that might be over your head.

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