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Steven Pinker on Getting ‘Tough on Crime’

Canadian-American author, linguist, cognitive scientist and experimental psychologist Steven explains why claims that now is the time for the Canadian government to get 'tough on crime' don't hold water.

In this clip, Steven talks about...

Politicians today who promise to "get tough on crime":
"This has been a big driver in American politics during the decades when crime really was going through the roof: Richard Nixon in 1968 with his "law and order platform", George Bush Senior in 1988 against Dukakis (who he accused of being soft on crime)... they were right: crime really had increased. It's a little bit ironic now, because crime has been going down for quite some time. And of course, living in the United States - Canada has a crime rate that is the envy of those south of the border. Much lower rate of crime in Canada than in the US."