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Spencer West on His Epiphany

Spencer's on the show tonight. In this clip, he shares the moment that changed his life forever.

In this clip, Spencer talks about...

His biggest epiphany
"The big one, ultimately, was: I travelled to Kenya in 2008, and I helped build a school with Me to We's partner Free the Children. And we had a chance to play with the kids, and they were having a great time, and doing what the other kids do, they pointed and whispered and they wanted to know only now it was in another language. And we sat down, and somebody translated for us, and they asked me a bunch of questions, and after I told them what happened to my legs, a girl raised her hand, and she said that "I didn't know that something like this" - meaning the loss of my legs - "could happen to white people too."

Feeling like he missed something
"After she said that to me I was like oh, I've missed something here. I think I've been given these challenges for a reason and I need to figure out how to use those to give back."