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So Gordon Pinsent Taught Marlon Brando To Sing ‘Danny Boy’... And He Was In ‘Blacula’

In case you weren't convinced Canadian actor Gordon Pinsent is awesome (and you should be convinced by now), how about these two facts:

One, he taught Marlon Brando to sing 'Danny Boy' by plying him with Irish whiskey.

And two, he was in blaxploitation vampire movie 'Blacula,' and he was rocking an Afro when he showed up to read for the part: he had some pretty crazy hair thanks to his turn in 'The Rowdyman.'

Gordon's on the show tonight at 7, and his memoir, 'Next,' is in bookstores now.

In this clip, Gordon talks about....

Teaching Marlon Brando how to sing 'Danny Boy'
George: "You taught Marlon Brando to sing 'Danny Boy', right? Did the lesson involve Irish whiskey?"

Gordon: "Yes, it did! He couldn't put two notes together and when he had a shot - he was fine!"


THE BIO: Gordon Pinsent