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Slash On Michael Jackson, Joni Mitchell And David Bowie

Legendary guitarist Slash looks back on his relationship with Michael Jackson, and reflects on some of the celebrity musicians that were part of his childhood.

He'll be in the red chair tonight, along with journalist Noah Richler.

Slash: My mom was dating [David Bowie], and so that was after my mom and dad split up... I knew him from the album covers. No, I mean, I liked his music, and it was an interesting time. I had to have been like, roughly eight, maybe nine years old, you know, so.... And they were never home. They came by the house every so often, he would come over, but, uh, you know, they were always off, sort of running around. But I went to a few Bowie shows as a result.

Slash: At the time, time, no, I didn't pay much attention to it. It's just, when you're a kid, you just go with the flow. And then, as I got older, then I started to realize that a lot of stuff that I had learned had sort of prepared me to deal with a lot of the stuff that I was dealing with in the present. And, uh, yeah, I'd have to say, I'd have to attribute some of the sort of um, way that I handled things is having been around it before.