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Paul Dano Calls Playing Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson “The Most Fun I’ve Ever Had”
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Actor Paul Dano, who was recently in the red chair to speak with George about his new film Prisoners, also took some time out to talk about a completely different project -- performing the role of legendary Beach Boys singer Brian Wilson in the forthcoming biopic Love And Mercy.

Dano, who got to meet and jam with Wilson, considered it a magical experience.

"I got to make a film this summer about Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys and I got to play Brian and I think it's the most fun I've ever had. He's a really, really special man and some of the music he created is some of the most divine stuff I've ever heard.

"I got to spend some time with him. I actually got to play some songs with him. And I met a bunch of dudes who played with him in the '60s who are now older men and have the most amazing stories from that time."

Dano, whose films include There Will Be Blood, 12 Years A Slave and Looper, summed up his experience:

"It was so cool. Seeing him makes me..." and then Dano puts his hand to his heart.

Watch Dano's full interview with George on Friday, Sept. 20 at 7 pm.