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Michael Ignatieff Talks About The “Raw Passion And Emotion” Of Politics
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Politics isn't just a dirty game. Even when it's a clean game contested between friends it can yield tough results.

When former prime ministerial candidate Michael Ignatieff fought for the leadership of the Liberal Party in 2006 he ran afoul of fellow candidate Bob Rae and his brother John.

Ignatieff, who's promoting a new book about his political days called Fire And Ashes, shared his perspective on their clash:

"Bob and I had been friends since we were kids," said Ignatieff. "Our parents were friends… I think our friendship took a hit because -- it’s simple -- he wanted something, I wanted the same thing. We competed for it and those kinds of things have an impact on friendship.

"But let’s also keep the context right here. Because the context is important. He’s one of the smartest guys I’ve ever met. He has some of the best values of anybody I’ve ever met. When I was the boss, when I was the leader, and he was serving in my party, he served with loyalty. I can’t accuse the guy of betrayal or treachery or any of that.  But when he wanted what he wanted and I wanted it, his brother fought for him… I can still see John -- Bob’s brother’s face on that convention floor in 2006 barring my way as I walked forward to go over to the Rae camp to see if they’d come over. He didn’t want me to take another step forward…

"The point here is that this is very human. This is politics in all its raw passion and emotion. And I understand that John is very loyal to his brother. John loves his brother. John wants his brother to succeed. He wants me to fail. What’s more human than that? And that’s politics."

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