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Margaret Atwood: The Adventures Of Survivalwoman And Womanwoman
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When author, Companion of the Order of Canada and Booker Prize winner Margaret Atwood was in the red chair recently George talked to her about having created a comic strip in the '70s.

Using the pseudonym Bart Gerrard, Atwood's Kanadian Kulture Komic ran in This Magazine and featured the characters Survivorwoman and Womanwoman. Atwood, who told CBC's Peter Gzowski in 1978, "basically I can't draw," dealt with issues such as nationalism and sexual politics in the strip.

After being asked whether Atwood prefered Survivalwoman or Wonder Woman, she explained what her character's abilities were.

"When I wrote a strip called Survival, actually it was called Kanadian Kulture Komics and it featured a character called Survivalwoman who was a Canadian superhero," said Atwood. "She could not actually fly, and was wearing snow shoes. So she did a lot of this. She sat around. She had a friend whose name was Womanwoman, she was a feminist."

"What did they talk about?" asked George.

"Womanwoman was against manholes because of the name. So they had a conversation about whether they should instead be called 'womanholes'... so let's not go there."

Watch Margaret Atwood's full interview Thursday, September 26 at 7 pm on George Stroumboulopoulos Tonight.