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How Do You Stay Hopeful? Mitch Albom Says It’s All About Perspective
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Mitch Albom, the author of the best-selling 'Tuesdays with Morrie', talks about what he's learned about being hopeful from people he's met who faced great adversity: his former professor Morrie Schwartz, ALS patients, and families in Haiti devastated by the earthquake in 2010.

His new book is called 'The Time Keeper'. It's in stores now.

In this clip, Mitch talks about...

How he's learned to cultivate hope

Mitch: "...there are some days I get swallowed up by my problems like everybody else but then I see how people have gotten through so much worse: when you sit with ALS patients and they can't move... Morrie had to turn his head from side to side and yet he wanted to wake up the next day, he didn't just want to end it, he wanted to be there; when you talk to people who've survived wars or prison camps, and you say 'how did you get up? How did you keep opening your eyes?' 'Hope, because I thought maybe tomorrow something will happen."


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