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Giovanni Ribisi Talks About Gun Violence And Hollywood
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The conversation about gun violence in the States is pretty passionate these days, and justifiably so. So when 'Gangster Squad', a violent film based on real-life mobster Mickey Cohen was originally finished, it caused controversy for featuring a scene eerily similar to a recent shooting in Colorado.

Ultimately, the scene was replaced and the film's release date was delayed, but it raised an interesting question: how much of a responsibility does Hollywood have here? In this clip, Giovanni Ribisi weighs in.

'Gangster Squad' is in theatres now.

On the long history of violence in storytelling
"There's been violence and the use of weapons in filmmaking and in storytelling since the first stories. And it's a shame, in my humble opinion, that Hollywood and the film industry has to become the scapegoat for that."


THE BIO: Giovanni Ribisi