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Clara Hughes On Doping And Lance Armstrong
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Six time Olympic medallist Clara Hughes reflects on racing athletes who were suspected of doping, and weighs in on Lance Armstrong's recent confession about taking performance-enhancing drugs. Clara is a spokesperson for Bell 'Let's Talk' Day (February 12), an annual campaign dedicated to reducing the stigma around mental illness.

In this clip, Clara talks about...

The mental health repercussions of doping
As an athlete, I saw a lot of athletes in the sport of cycling when I was in the 90s, cheating, in my sport, female cycling. I also saw the aftermath of that. I saw girls go into mental illness, like, depression; a former Lithuanian cyclist ended up jumping in front of a train; you know, there's major repercussions that haven't even been talked about when it comes to mental health.


THE BIO: Clara Hughes

PHOTO: Clara Hughes And George Outside Studio 43