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Sheila Copps on Gender and the New Liberal Reality

She's served as the Deputy Prime Minister twice, but since 2004 Sheila Copps has been mostly out of the political spotlight. After the last election, she woke up to a very different (and smaller) Liberal party...

In this clip, Copps talks about...

The collapse of the Liberal Party

"I think the day after the election, everybody kind of collectively woke up and said 'oh my god, what has happened to the Liberal Party?' Not just in the party, but people who care about the country having a strong centre."

Getting back into the Party

"I decided that I had to give up on the balance of being able to eat well, play tennis, lose weight - kind of like a natural life - and get back into the rat race again."

On being pushed out of the Liberal cabinet

"I didn't think that so much gender was an issue, I think it was more that I was seen as part of the old crowd of people that had been in cabinet, and as a mouthy broad, you do tend to become a lightning rod for people."