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Russell Peters: “They’ve Drilled It Into Your Head. You’re Not Supposed To Laugh At This.”

Canadian comedian and global superstar Russell Peters has seen a shift in attitude toward comedy over the last 40 years, and he believes comedians were once able to push boundaries more freely.

In an interview for the premiere episode of George's tenth season, airing this Monday, September 16, 2013 at 7pm on CBC Television, Russell discussed TV in the '70s.

In this clip, Russell talks about...

How TV — and comedy — have changed

"Do we take things too seriously? Like we've become a precious culture?" asked George.

"We have," Peters replied. "If you look at TV in the '70s versus TV now, and you see the things people said back in the day they said the most off-colour stuff and nobody's feelings were hurt. Do you know why? Because it's about intent. The intent then was to make you laugh. And the intent is still to make you laugh, but they've drilled it in into your head that you're not supposed to laugh at this. You want to hear the truth? Talk to an old person."

Russell's new comedy special Notorious and the four-part docu-series Russell Peters vs. the World, which chronicles his comedy tour, both premiere on Netflix Oct. 14.