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Russell Peters on Fatherhood

Comedian Russell Peters talks about the difference between mothers and fathers, and makes an analogy that nearly leaves George speechless.

In this clip, Russell talks about

The culture his daughter will be raised in
"There's gonna be the values that I grew up with, which are: always respect your elders. It doesn't matter if they're a year older than you, they're still older than you. And you always greet people when you see them, never just walk past somebody. Especially in your own house."

On seeing the baby for the first time
"They always say you fall in love with your child immediately and that's not true. It's not, for men it's not true. Women fall in love with them because for them, it was inside them. For me it was like, all right, you're cool. You know, I don't know you yet. I'm not just going to trust a chick immediately."