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Rick Mercer on “Muzzled” Politicians

As the 'Rick Mercer Report' prepares for its 10th season, Rick Mercer talks about what it's like to have a "mutually parasitic relationship" with politicians, and explains why he doesn't have them on his show as much as he used to.

In this clip, Rick talks about...

How Canadian politicians have changed
"I think right now, most people would be hard pressed to say who the Minister of Natural Resources is, that - they don't know who that guy is. And, they don't know who the Minister of Health is. Their people are, they're muzzled. And, you know, I don't know if you've interviewed someone with a muzzle, but it's not that interesting... You know, it's tough! They just, they, every morning their Blackberry goes off and they get a couple paragraphs of what they're allowed to say on a certain issue, and past that there's nothing there. So, it just kind of bores me."

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