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Richard Dawkins And Lawrence Krauss Preach To The Unconverted

Evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins and theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss both spend a lot of time talking about religion - and specifically, how the world would be a better place, in their opinion, if religion played a less central role in politics and society.

In this clip, George asks the two men about whether they can reach religious people with their message, and not just those who already agree with them. And they also get into the term "spirituality," and take a little quiz.

Catch the full interview with Richard and Lawrence on CBC Television tonight, Tuesday July 9, at 7pm.

In this clip, Lawrence and Richard talk about...

How they reach people
GS: Are you good with people?
LK: We try to seduce them. We have different approaches and different approaches work for different people and I think because we are very different I like to think that we can reach out in very different ways and it happens we both get letters in that regard. And you are right there are people we are never going to reach but I think you have to have the discussion and I think that happens in the film. What the film will do, not just because of us - we have some Hollywood stars in it too.

What to say to people who say they are "spiritual" but not religious
RD: Spiritual is a nice word and we are all spiritual in some sense. Lawrence and I are both spiritual in some sense. Carl Sagan was spiritual. In the sense we look up at the stars and feel wonderful but it's not supernatural and unfortunately the religious supernatural lobby has commandeered the word spiritual and it's probably best not to use it. But in one sense we are spiritual.


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