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Raine Maida on Playing Road Hockey with Rob Ford

Growing up in West Toronto, Raine Maida had an unlikely friend and road hockey buddy in a young (and svelte!) Rob Ford. While he doesn't necessarily agree with Ford's politics, Raine admits Toronto's Mayor does has a certain appeal. Raine's on the show tonight.

GS: I know you live in Los Angeles, but you're a Toronto boy and forever will be, so in your heart, as well as your head, what did you think when you heard that Rob Ford became the Mayor of Toronto?

RM: Well I used to play street hockey with Rob Ford.

GS: That's why I asked! When you were kids, right?

RM: Yeah - we lived just a few streets away from each other, and there was this gang of us and we'd always hang out, and he was a little bit more svelte back then ... I haven't talked to Rob for ages. But there are a few stories. Politics aside, there are a few human stories that I really like about him.

A very close friend of mine still did some work for him - some canvassing for him. It was up on Dixon Rd. around Lawrence. Big Somalian community around there. And they were going through the buildings, and talking to people. And every door they knocked on and they mentioned they were for Rob Ford, those people were very, very supportive. And they said you know what? He calls me back. And when I think about politicians these days and you talk about transparency and accountability... for better or for worse - and you could debate this all week - there is accountability with that man.

GS: What kind of a road hockey player was he?

RM: Well I was average - so he was probably a little above average.