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Paul Shaffer On How He Was Almost George Costanza

You might not be aware of this, but an obscure comedian named "Jerry Seinfeld" had a show in the '90s, and it did OKAY. Another thing you might not know: Seinfeld originally wanted Paul Shaffer in the role of George Costanza. In this clip, Paul explains why it was not to be.

Paul appears nightly on CBS' long-running Late Show with David Letterman and will be hosting this year's Canada's Walk of Fame gala.

"I don't think Jason Alexander likes to hear me tell that story."

"The receptionist took a message: Jerry Seinfeld called. He's getting his own show. He wants you to be his sidekick. You don't even have to audition. And I was kind of overwhelmed, and I said, 'Jerry Seinfeld. What kind of show could he possibly get?!'"

The BIO: Paul Shaffer

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