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Paul Haggis On His Mom, Championing The Underdog, And Scientology

Canadian director Paul Haggis is on the show to talk about 'Artists for Peace and Justice' and the work the organization is doing in Haiti.

In this clip, the Hollywood filmmaker tells a story of how his mother taught him to speak up for the underdog when she had an issue with their local Church.

Haggis also speaks about the controversial 'Vanity Fair' expose about Tom Cruise's relationships and Scientology, which you can read about here.

On fighting for the underdog

"My mom resigned from the Catholic Church when she found out the parish priest bought a Cadillac. She went to him and said what's this? There a poor people in our parish? And he said I talked to God and God wants me to have this car. And she said that's a funny coincidence, because I just spoke to God and he doesn't want us coming to your Church anymore... My dad and mom were terrific examples to me."

On the Church of Scientology

"I don't like bullies and I felt this woman (Nazanin Boniadi) was being bullied. She was being called a liar publicly, and she's a friend of mine, I should stand up for her. People should stand up for their friends.

My publicist called and said 'Paul what did you just do?'... I said I won't comment on it again... and if George asks me, I won't even talk about it!"


THE BIO: Paul Haggis