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Paul Brandt On Nursing School And The Most Influential Country Singer Of All

In this special sing-song edition of Answerpology, Canadian country star Paul Brandt recalls his years as a nursing student and plays tribute to the person he calls the most influential country singer of all time, with a pitch-perfect rendition of Johnny Cash's 'Folsom Prison Blues'.

GS: You were a nursing student when your mom was a nursing student?
PB: Aw man - talk about pressure. I mean, you're in college, you're hoping that someone's going to find you attractive, and you're going to meet someone and hang out with all your friends and all that stuff - and your mom coems up and kisses you on the forehead. I mean - awesome.

Song credit: Johnny Cash: Folsom Prison Blues - Legacy/Columbia, House of Cash Inc.


THE BIO: Paul Brandt