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Mike Holmes on Rebuilding New Orleans with Brad and Angelina

After Hurricane Katrina devastated the Lower 9th Ward of New Orleans in 2005, Mike Holmes had the chance to rebuild homes in the area with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. In this clip, Mike remembers his first impressions.

Mike's show is called 'Holmes Makes It Right.' Catch it at 9:00 Tuesdays on HGTV.

In this clip, Mike talks about...

Finding Brad down to Earth

"Once I did meet Brad, I thought, man, you're really down to Earth. I really expected him to be coming in and having bodyguards around and giving me two minutes of his time."

Being stalked by paparazzi while talking with Angelina
"We're yakking away, and paparazzi comes out of the bushes from everywhere taking pictures, because I'm sure Angelina's hanging around with this guy in overalls."


THE BIO: Mike Holmes

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