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Mark Ruffalo On ‘Being Ruffalo-ed’ And Surviving A Brain Tumor

Forget the Academy Awards - Mark Ruffalo knew he made it when his name became a verb. The Avenger's actor says his friends use the term 'Ruffalo-ed ' to describe a situation when good luck is disguised as bad luck. In this clip, he explains how being diagnosed with a brain tumor was actually the best thing to ever happen to him (and thus, is a great example of what it means to be 'Ruffalo-ed')

George Stroumboulopoulos: What is the genesis of the term 'being Ruffalo-ed?'
Mark Ruffalo: Ruffalo-ed is when you have what seems to be bad luck that actually turns into good luck later.
It's like getting a brain tumor but then, it being like, the best thing that ever happened to you.

George: What's the good luck from the brain tumor?
Mark: I just learned - I mean, that was a bad example. Brain tumors suck. (turns to audience) "Who wants a brain tumor? It's amazing! You're not gong to believe how great a brain tumor is!" So I had a brain tumor - I think I'm going to die, but it was like the best of the worst - I didn't die, but I learned a lot about myself.
George: What's the best think you learned about yourself?
Mark: That I could survive a brain tumor!