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Mark McMorris On Being Competitive: “When The Pressure Is On, You Want More”

When ace snowboarder Mark McMorris was in the red chair he talked to George about how the pressure of competition feels.

It turns out, even when McMorris was young he was built to compete. After showing McMorris a clip from 2003 the three-time Winter X Games gold medalist explained himself.

GS: Did you think about competition when you were that young?

MM: Apparently I was in one. 

GS: I know! How does that happen?

MM: I don't know, I just can't believe that exists. That footage! That is insane. I remember that day, that was a really cold day and that was the first time that I ever competed and to do it like where people were watching made me. When there is an atmosphere like that, you wanna go harder. When the pressure is on, you want more. I understand why I do what I do now.

GS: Do you have any ideas as to why you, you and a lot of your competitors in those high pressure situations, because a lot of kids would just shy away and don't want that attention. You wanted it. You wanted to perform more.

MM: I think pressure can be taken in two different ways and some of the best competitors don't even take it in the best way or some of the best snowboarders don't take pressure well. But you can see the ones that do. It's the will to want to land or I don't know what it is... we try that much harder when it matters. You can either fuel off of it or go the opposite way. I hope it continues to fuel me. [big smile]

Mark McMorris' interview with George airs Thursday, December 12 at 7 pm and 11:30 pm on CBC.


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