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Mark McKinney on His Days at SNL

Kids in the Hall cast member Mark McKinney pulls back the curtain on his days on Saturday Night Live, and pulls off his pants in front on a live studio audience.

In this clip, Mark talks about...

His Kids in the Hall castmates:
GS: If all the Kids in the Hall cast members were lost at sea and starving to death, which one would you eat first?
MM: Ohh... OKay, it wouldn't be, okay it's true... uh, Bruce, Scott and I would be the most savage, so we would survive. So it's either be Dave or Kevin.

MM: Well, revealing my "x-shaped" penis was something I needed to do for me.. I'm sorry, I'm so moved, those were my abs, I haven't seen them in 10 years!

His time at SNL:
MM: SNL made me nervous. I've always liked sort of film, or theatre, oddly enough, like, Kids in the Hall used to Tape live, SNL tapes live, I was never quite fully relaxed for that. But, theatre, where you really have no safety net, I kind of like that.
GS: You know it Jay Mohr's book he talks about being on SNL and how he used to keep pills -
MM: - big farter, Jay Mohr.
GS: Is her really?
MM: We used to share a dressing room... terrible ones. Like, 'I'm a tough guy, take that!'; 'If you like me you'll like this!', that kind of thing.
GS; But he talked about dealing with panic attacks, and he would keep a colozapine, or pill, and later he found out that a lot of performers did. Did you have a trick?
MM: What? Goddamn, I wish I'd known that! Who had the pills?!?! Thats what I'm going to be finding out. No one offered me pills!