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Linden MacIntyre On Tyrone Conn

Linden MacIntyre and CBC's 'The Fifth Estate' once interviewed convicted bank robber Tyrone Conn in the mid-nineties, and after the story was completed, he struck up a relationship with the inmate. Ty got back in the news when he broke out of Kingston Penitentiary in 1999, dying two weeks later during a standoff with police. In this clip, Linden talks about his regrets for Ty's fate.

He's on the show tonight, along with musician Dave Mustaine.

On saying sorry:
Linden MacIntyre:
In one case, the bank robber Ty Conn who died during an escape, I'd like to say sorry that I persuaded you to be a citizen, because that was what killed him, eventually. He had to make a choice as an inmate in Kingston Penitentiary as to where he was going to react as a member of society or as a member of convict culture, and he made this split decision largely based on association and influence by me, and Theresa Burke who was also his friend, to act like a citizen and it set off a chain of events that led to his death and I'd say sorry.