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Linden MacIntyre On Getting Close To His Story Subjects

Through his work for CBC's 'The Fifth Estate,' Linden MacIntyre became close to two interview subjects: convicted bank robber Ty Conn who died in 1999 during a police standoff after he broke out of Kingston Penitentiary, and convicted killer Stan Faulder, an Albertan who was executed for his crime in Texas in 1999. In this clip, Linden talks about Stan, and how to maintain objectivity in the face of friendship.

He's in the red chair tonight, along with musician Dave Mustaine.

On why journalism shouldn't be impartial:
Linden MacIntyre:
You have to become engaged with the elements of your story and you have to become engaged with the people, or you don't know enough to call yourself a storyteller or a journalist. The trick is to become engaged and yet to be honest and objective about it. These people who stand back and say, "well, I'm just the story teller and I don't have any feelings about it," are either fundamentally dishonest or there's something wrong with their personalities, they shouldn't be there.