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Larry Miller On The Comedy Of Everyday Annoyances

Your pizza's late. You paper cut your mouth again. Your pants are on inside out. Part of what makes Larry Miller so funny is his ability to find comedy in those mundane, everyday annoyances and frustrations. In this clip, Larry recalls an irritating moment in the kitchen with his kids, and explains how those are the moments that force you to choose: Are you going to freak out, or are you going to let yourself laugh at the absurdity of it all?

He's on the show tonight, along with Ariana Huffington.

Larry on learning to laugh at it all:

"I have a cut. It's the bald-father's-slam-into-the-open-cabinet-that-the-kid-left-open cut. Only bald fathers know this. It has to be 28 times now. About every two months. To the millimetre. The exact same spot on my head."

"When something like that happens, do you get angry? Do you get angry at the kids? The dog? The cabinet? Anything else in life? Do you storm into the bedroom and say, 'That's it, we're getting new cabinets!' How quickly can you laugh again in life? How quickly do you say to yourself, 'This is actually hysterical.'"