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Kim Coates On Acting In ‘Pearl Harbor’ With Alec Baldwin

Right now Canadian actor Kim Coates is stealing the small screen in his role as outlaw biker Tig Trager on 'Sons of Anarchy.' But he's also appeared in close to 50 films and dozens of TV shows both in Canada and south of the border. In this clip, Kim talks about making 'Pearl Harbor' with Alec Baldwin, including a few of the hiccups they had along the way.

He'll be on the show tonight, along with Olympic athlete Adam van Koeverden.

On the price of staying in character:
Kim Coates:
Baldwin goes, "Hey, you got your Lucky Strikes yet?" and I go, "No, let's go get them right now." We went to the props guy and said, "Where are our Lucky Strikes?" and the guy says, "You're smoking?" And I said, "It's World War Two. Of course we're smoking. My guy smoked two packs a day. I know, I looked him up." We found out that they'd been shooting for five weeks without us and Disney didn't want any smoking. So Alec and I refused to listen to that, so we got cut out of that movie like you wouldn't believe. We had three scenes. We saw each other at the premiere and went, I guess we won't smoke in the next one if they don't want us to. We did lose three scenes.