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Kim Cattrall On The Time She Tried To Sing Backup For Lou Reed

When Candian actor Kim Cattrall was in the red chair, George asked her, "If the world was ending tomorrow, what would you be doing tonight?"

Cattrall's answer: "Listening to Lou Reed."

The former Sex In The City star went on to talk about some of her memories of the late Velvet Underground lead singer, whom she described as a good friend.

"I was on tour with him last year — this is such a terrible thing to admit — and his backup singer left when we were in Slovakia. He had no backup singer. And I had been in the rehearsal process, he had allowed me in there to film it and photograph it, which I love to do. And I thought I would save the day. I thought, 'Walk on the Wild Side,' all I have to do is 'doo do doo, do doo.' I got on stage with Kevin Hearn on keyboard, where the extra mic was, and started doing it."

Suffice it to say, Reed was more than a little surprised.

Cattrall stars in the upcoming comedy series Sensitive Skin. Her interview with George airs Monday April 28 at 11:30 p.m. on CBC TV.