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Kevin Newman On The Emotional Toll Of A Career In News

CTV Question Period co-anchor Kevin Newman talks about "burning out" after decades reporting the news, and his reaction to being on-air on during the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

He's in the red chair tonight, along with emcees Wonder Mike and Master Gee of the Sugarhill Gang.

On his most memorable experiences on the air:
"I mean, that's the nature of news - you don't get to say a lot of happy things. But one of the things, I had sort of, you know, you don't make a change like that quickly. you don't... you think about it, and I thought about it for three years, and then you begin to see signs, right? That, the universe is taking you in a place. So, I had one of those with Obama's inauguration. I was on the lawn of the Capitol dome there, and uh, this African-American man came up to me, and said he had delivered newspapers to all the congressmen as a young boy, but never felt the place was his. And, I had told him I was from Canada, and he said,you know, 'Welcome to my Capitol, too.'"