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Kathleen Turner On Being Angry & Women’s Rights

Acting icon Kathleen Turner on what makes her angry, the state of women's reproductive rights in America, and her thoughts on the recent Republican primaries.

She's in the red chair tonight, along with blues legend Buddy Guy.

Reflecting on what makes her angry:
Kathleen: I'm angry at people not doing the right thing. I'm angry at the fact that one takes advantage of others to their harm. I'm angry at intolerance. I'm angry at inequality. I'm angry at women being treated as lesser human beings...

On the abortion debate and Conservative MP, Stephen Woodworth:
George: There's a backbencher in Canada who recently brought it up that they wanted to explore the idea of when a fetus becomes a life, and I know that with the Republican race going on... and next year's going to be the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade...
Kathleen: I have been Chairman of the Board of Advocates for Planned Parenthood for about 18 years, and to me, any, any refusal to allow a woman to choose - whatever decision she may make - whatever my opinion or somebody else's is - to say you may not have choice is intolerable... given our American, our Republican primaries that have now ended, essentially with the emergence of Mitt Romney as a top candidate - what was said, and the attacks on women and women's health that was allowed, and even encouraged during the primary season - I'm desperately hoping we will keep women aware of (this) until the election because you know perfectly well that by August, the Republican Party is going to be saying 'Oh no... we LOVE women (raises an eyebrow).'