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Kate Mara Talks ‘House of Cards’ And ‘Brokeback Mountain’

Kate Mara talks to George about being terrified while waiting for casting approval from Kevin Spacey for her role in 'House of Cards', the Netflix original series that's generating a whole lot of buzz these days. Plus, George chats with Kate about her recent tweet in support of marriage equality in America, and she reflects on her role as Heath Ledger's daughter in the ground-breaking film, 'Brokeback Mountain'.

In this clip, Kate talks about...

Being chosen for 'House of Cards' by David Fincher and Kevin Spacey:
George: "The great actor cliché is someone says 'I want you to be in a project', and you say 'Let me read the script' - but I suppose in this situation you didn't have to."
Kate: "I wouldn't have had to, but I did read the scripts before I was aware that David Fincher was interested in me for the role - so that just made me want the part even more... I read with him a couple times. I think he wanted to send my tape to Kevin Spacey and make sure he signed off on me - so I had to wait a little while for that - which was terrifying."
George: "How long did Kevin (Spacey) make you wait?"
Kate: "It was a few months before we had final word."
George: "Waiting for Kevin's validation. Can you imagine waiting with that Sword of Damocles' over your head (laughing)?"
Kate: "Yeah, (laughing) I can imagine because I was - like for two months (laughing)!?!"
George: "I mean what if it hadn't turned out that way?"
Kate: "Well, yeah, I would feel very differently about Kevin Spacey today! (laughter)... now he's my on-screen boyfriend, so I love him!"

Being in 'Brokeback Mountain' with the late Heath Ledger:
George: "Do you know when you've made that choice to be in that film, that it's part of something bigger than a film?"
Kate: "Honestly, at the time I knew it was important but I had no idea how much it would resonate, and how important it would then be for the rest of my life - and how much it moves people. You know at the time when I read it I thought, 'This is a really small part but I don't care because I'm going to be making a movie with Ang Lee and Heath Ledger'".
George: "What do you remember from Heath?"
Kate: "I remember I was really concerned because I was not that much younger than him and I was playing his daughter, so I thought 'Oh gosh, this is going to be a horrible mistake' but I wasn't going to say anything about it... so I was really nervous it wasn't going to be real but I was so wrong because (Heath) was such an incredible actor, and they made me look pretty young as well... and he was very, very sweet and he sort of, took care of me. It wasn't my first movie but it really felt like it was."


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